• Flu, Norovirus, Bed bugs, etc!

Artemis Products

Artemis Bio-Solutions is a next generation bio-technologies firm committed to the development of non-toxic, high efficacy, hygiene defense products.

Through the use of proprietary technologies and on-going research and development, Artemis is proud to offer a line of products that range from hand sanitizers to chemical decontamination agents.

All Artemis products are rigorously tested in laboratories and in the field. No products are released for use until satisfaction at every level is achieved. Our products hold the highest efficacy in their class, are water based, nontoxic, and are more environmentally friendly than traditional chemistries.

Scientific data demonstrates that Artemis’s products show greater efficacy on killing pathogenic organisms verses traditional disinfecting and sanitizing products..

Artemis Biosolutions products are used and tested worldwide by a broad spectrum of industries including Health Care, Environmental, Disaster Relief, Hospitality, Restoration, Athletic Departments, Schools, and more.

Our Mission

To ethically create and provide high performance environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions in the fields of disinfection, sanitation and decontamination. Artemis Bio-Solutions products are targeted to eliminate bacterial, viral and fungal pathogenic threats to mankind!

Our Goal

To utilize our technology and chemical resources to develop unique products that consumers and professionals can use in a safe and efficient manner to eliminate and protect against mutated flu strains, supper bugs, deadly molds, epidemics, and pandemics.

Our Achievements

A line of unique proprietary 2 part cleaning products that maintain 6 kill logs, 99.9999% effective. Once mixed, these binaries produce unprecedented cleaning power then dissipate into water and oxygen. We have also development an alcohol free hand sanitizer/soap proven to kill Norovirus.