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Artemis Bio-Solutions is a bio-technology company offering next generation safe, high efficacy, hygiene defense and chemical decontamination products.  Through state of the art research and development and manufacturing, Artemis offers home, institutional, hospital disinfection and decontamination solutions. The products include: High Level non-bleach, non-phenol, non-aldehyde disinfectants; Alcohol and Triclosan free hand soap and hand sanitizers; Bio-Oxygen® Line of decontamination products; Mold 100, Chem Decon, laundry, carpet and Bug Interceptor for total bug kill with no odor.

Artemis products are USA EPA Gold Seal registered and USA FDA Approved. The products hold the highest efficacy in their class, are water based, Human and Animal safe, and offer up to a 99.99999% log kill of deadly germs.

Artemis Bio-Solutions products are used worldwide in Health Care, Homes, Schools, Food Service, Hospitality, Military, Environmental Remediation, Disaster Relief, Hospitality, Restoration, Recreation, Cruise Ships, wherever protection against Bacteria, viruses, mold, pathogens and toxic chemicals exist.

Our Mission is providing state of the art human safe, effective and environmentally responsible disinfection and decontamination products that improves the health of our families, friends, and communities worldwide

Many Threats One Solution™

Artemis Bio-Solutions continually strives to develop cost effective, practical solutions to contamination problems incorporating the newest, cutting edge technologies available for residential and commercial use.

We provide comprehensive, environmentally-safe, non-toxic, decontamination of molds, mold spores and mold related mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses and many chemical contaminants. Our decontamination processes incorporate patented revolutionary products, unique application techniques and monitoring and testing technologies unsurpassed in the industry.

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